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Got a burning question you'd like to ask?

See if I answered it below and if not, visit our contact page!

What is Fishy Patchwork?

Fishy Patchwork is a project aiming to give textiles a second chance. Letters, fonts, and textures from old tees and textiles are redesigned onto preloved garments and clothes are given a new meaning. From ransom note-inspired designs to blanket patched pieces to made-from-scratch goods, Fishy Patchwork creates redesigned products from textile waste.

Have you ever reproduced a piece?

Nope! Folks have asked for similar items, styles, or colors, but no design is exactly replicable.

Where else can I find your work?

My work has long been represented on Instagram @fishy.patchwork, where I operate most custom work out of currently. My products are also available in store at both Shop One on RIT's campus and seasonally in The Op Shop, both located in Rochester, NY.

Do you make custom orders?

Yes! Most of my work over the years has been custom work. I love to connect and work with individuals to get them what they will really love. I really enjoy challenging projects and fun, spunky ideas!

Can I send you an item I'd like reworked?

Absolutely! I source all of my garments from secondhand sources so if you have a garment that is the *perfect* fit I can absolutely revamp it for you!

Do I get to see my custom before it's made?

Yes! Once custom orders are placed, I will keep you updated throughout my creative process. I provide photo proof of drafts before I sew.

Will you take my old textile scraps, fabrics, and tee shirts?

I would absolutely love to take your old items off your hands! I encourage you to reach out and let me know you have well-loved pieces that you'd like to donate! <3 Click here to message me!

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